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The Pentor 3030™ system reduces unauthorized removal of library items by detecting EM tags and using high quality advanced EM technology.

Pentor 3030™ EM Security Gate

Pentor 3030™ EM Security Gate


The Pentor 3030™ system provides crystal clear protection to libraries who require optimal performance and transparency. The scratch-resistance acrylic panel with multi-wire construction offers the most refined design in any library décor.

Desde $353.10 MXN

Electromagnetic - single and dual aisles - with or without people counter





Fully digital configuration (DSP)


Visual and audio alarm


Advanced electromagnetic EM technology


Remote maintenance


Magnetic media safe


Multiple gate solutions are possible




Antenna dimensions:


Height : 1490 mm

Width  :   732 mm

Depth :     18 mm

Antenna base dimensions:


Height :     10  mm

Width  :    730 mm

Depth :      95 mm

Weight: 25 kg



Panel:  Scratch-resistant clear acrylic

Base  :  Anodized aluminum


Depending on the type and size of EM tag

• Single aisle width System 2: up to 0.90 meter

• Dual aisle width System 3  : up to 1.80 meter


EM specification:

Operating frequency: 366 Hz.

Supported tags: all Dialoc ID EM tags and various EM tag suppliers



• People counter

• Removable antennabase

International Certifications and standard:

CE Directivos 1999/519/EC, R&TTE 1999/5/EC.

Directivos 89/366/EEC

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