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The Ruby™ HF Staff station is designed for converting, programming and identifying HF library labels in books, magazines etc.

Ruby™ RFID staff station


Seamless integration of technologies

The Ruby™ HF Staff station is a fast and efficient tool to write or read HF tags and (re)setting the EAS or AFI bit. The Ruby™ HF Staff station can operate in stand-alone or in host mode. It can be used as a desktop solution or mounted under a (non-metal) desk.

Desde $353.10 MXN

Ruby™ RFID staff station





Easy to install

Standard USB connection, power over USB, no external power supplies.

Remote controlled

Set/Reset EAS or AFI bit: Check-in / Check-out

Multi label ID (anti-collision protocol)

Shielded to work in any environment



The Ruby™ HF Staff station is standard supplied in a white color. More than 100 other colors & designs are available upon request.




Height:  35 mm

Width : 340 mm

Depth : 240 mm


Shielded housing: Stainless steel

Top surface: Corian™


Weight: 3 kg


Functions: Set / reset EAS bit of AFI: Check-in / check-out



Stand alone / host control mode

USB interface for communication with the library circulation software (LMS)


Check-in / check-out materials:  Books / Magazines / Media

Item protection: EAS or AFI bit

Item identification:  RFID (HF) reader (HF tags)



Dialoc Tools including special integrated software for conversion & a plug-in.

Power: over USB

Environmental facts:  Temperature: + 10ºC < > 45ºC

International Certifications and standard:

ISO 15.693 / 18.000-3.1 / ISO 28560

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